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The small compact town of Avalon, only an hour ferry ride from Los Angeles, is a walking town, and all wedding events are in town, so your on-island transportation planning is already complete! The rest is almost as easy...

The Ferry to Catalina
Link to Ferry Coupon!
Most of our guests will land on Catalina via ferry, the Catalina Express from their Long Beach Downtown terminal. The ferry takes about an hour and costs $66.50 R/T (coupon).
Leaving Long Beach Friday at 6:15AM, 10AM, 2PM, 7:00PM//
You will want to be on at least the 2PM ferry to Avalon to make it to the Friday evening party.
Returning from Avalon on Sunday 8AM, 10:15AM, 11:45AM, 3:45PM, 6PM & 7:30PM.
If you have a flight to catch, subtract four hours from your flight and that is the latest you should be getting on a ferry. You could leave 3-1/2 hours if you want to feel rushed.

The Van from LAX to the Ferry Terminal
Guests flying to LAX will take the Karmel Van to the Long Beach Ferry Terminal. Please call them the day before you leave to give them your flight info: 888-995-7433. The van costs $35 for the first person, $9 additional people E/W. The wedding party will be arranging groups based on arrival times.
AT THE LATEST YOU WANT TO ARRIVE TO LAX BY NOON to get the last van at One'o'Clock to make it to the ferry before two.

Our Friends Who Live in Los Angeles
In-town guests driving to Long Beach will park at the Long Beach Downtown ferry terminal (it's about $12/day). Directions There is an infrequent and more expensive ferry from Marina del Rey as well.

The Helicopter to Catalina
Helicopter service is 15-minutes, on-call, and only costs $86 one-way per person. If you miss the two c'clock Friday ferry, spend the extra $50 and get out to the party! IslandExpress.com

Return Flights
Returning home you will want to have a flight leaving LAX no earlier than noon, but that will require taking the 8AM ferry, which you might consider too early.
The 10:15 or 11:45 ferries seem more reasonable, and you should allow two hours from the time of ferry departure to arrival at the airport. LAX is big, and you will want to be there at least 90 minutes before your flight.