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So many people are asking questions about 1920's dress that we've put together a few pictures. The theatre debuted 80 years ago in 1929: the pinnacle of art-deco style. Art deco saw a resurgence in the 1980's, so don't be surprised to find something in a vintage shop from the 80's that passes for the 20's. Most important - look good, everyone else will!

Rockefeller Center, Oceanliners Queene Mary & Normandie, PanAm Airlines, Streamline Moderne, Diego Rivera's murals in Detroit, Golden Gate Bridge, Louise Brooks, Great Gatsby, Clara Bow, Graf Zeppelin, Mary Pickford, A Farewell to Arms and All Quiet on the Western Front, Picasso, Cubism, Crysler Building, Fallingwater, Hubble and Goddard, Charles Lindbergh, Al Capone (but not Zoot Suits).

Regina put a page together for you with some wedding-specific fashions from the 20's. Link to Regina's page // Another Link

For those joining us early, the Thursday night event will be a BBQ at the humble public park at the top of town on the left side of the road to the golf course, Falls Canyon Road - walking distance from everywhere in town. We'll probably head up there around 4?