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Avalon is a charming little town, and there are many hotels and houses to rent, in many price ranges. Nevertheless, some of the hotels are already close to full, and rooms are going fast. Fortunately, the wedding weekend is at the beginning of the off-peak season, so rooms are generally less expensive and houses are available for rental per-night compared to week-long during the season.

We encourage you to book your accommodation as soon as you are able; we encourage you to rent a house with family or friends! (link) Houses are less expensive than hotels, and the kitchen and extra space could be handy. There are many small homes for rent with two or three bedrooms.
The wedding party and many guests will be coming out early in the week, you are coming all this way and we would love to see you for more than just the weekend, so come out and relax and share informal meals with us before the busy weekend.?There will be a casual picnic Thursday.
To rent a cute island bungalow, call ?310-510-2276 for HOUSE RENTALS (link)
People have found it more helpful to just call rather than searching through the many homes and condos available on the site - a quick description of what you're looking for and they'll have you set up.

Mary Lou at Mary Lou’s Travel (310-510-0804) is helping with HOTEL reservations and has reserved blocks of rooms at
both the Hotel Metropole and the Hotel St Lauren.
The rooms at the Hotel Metropole will be the same price as if you booked them through the hotel, and are slightly more expensive, but the Hotel St Lauren seems to have some online specials you may be able to take advantage of.
Hotel Metropole (link) 310-510-1884 Probably the nicest hotel in Avalon.
Hotel St Lauren (link) 800-645-2496
In addition to these Hotels we also recommend:
The Hermosa Hotel (link) 310-510-1010
Family cottages and inexpensive rooms in the heart of Avalon,
If you have questions, or if you find something else, and want to let us know about it, please feel free to email us for advice. RD@HardyandRegina.com
You can also rent the cute island bungalows.? The weekend of the wedding is right when some of the prices drop, so these would be a good option for those in a larger party or for a longer stay.
Vacation House Rentals (link)